Does The Hamony Group Provide Sessions For All Ages?


Vocal Coaching: 14+

Performance Coaching: 14+

Mindfulness For Singers: 16+

Career Coaching: 18+


Remember, it is never too late to try a new hobby!


If you are looking for singing lessons aimed at younger children, The Harmony Group highly recommend JK Theatre Arts. Please visit their website for further details:


Are Skype Sessions Available?


Yes! Skype sessions are available, please get in touch for further information


Are Group Sessions Available?


Depending on your requirements, lessons may be taken in groups of up to 3. If you require a larger group session please get in touch touch to discuss additional options.  

How Much Do Lessons Cost?


One to one sessions:

£40 per 55 minute session 

£20 per 30 minute session 

Block book 5 sessions in advance to receive a 10% discount


Group sessions:

For group sessions please get in touch.


If you require a coach to attend your rehearsal/ studio session please get in touch to discuss pricing.


Workshops priced separately.


Do I Still Have To Pay If I Cancel My Lesson?


Please note that lessons are to be paid for 24hours in advance of the lesson commencing.

(Please email for payment details).


Lessons cancelled with 24 hours or less notice (lesson start-time) . . . . . . . . . . . . FULL CHARGE

Lessons cancelled with 48 hours or less notice (lesson start-time) . . . . . . . . . . . . £15 Cancellation Fee


All sessions must be cancelled by sending an e-mail to


Out of fairness and courtesy to both vocal coach and student, please note that no exceptions can be made to this policy.


The Harmony Group is committed to ensuring a fair situation for all students and your understanding of the Cancellation Policy is greatly appreciated.  Enforcement of the cancellation policy is not meant personally, but is simply a part of professional studies. It makes for a better Vocal Coach and student.


Thank you again for your courtesy and respect for your Vocal Coach in honouring the Cancellation Policy.