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Ready To Get Moving?

Each year when January comes around I get a little buzz of excitement about all of the possibilities for the year that lie ahead.

For the past 8 years or so I have been fortunate enough to have spent New Year's Eve in Abu Dhabi performing with a great bunch of musicians. Even during the time we ended up stranded for 3 days and had to travel home to Brighton via Istanbul and Barcelona I maintained my optimism and excitement and embraced the adventure.

It's now March and I've realised that I've been procrastinating on a few things, it happens to the best of us. We have that great idea, we make decisions, we get excited, we procrastinate...

Why is that? Is it laziness? Is it fear? If so, fear of what? ... Rejection? Failure? Success??

For me, I think maybe there could be a fear of sorts (if I allow my stubbornness to admit it), but mixed in with an optimism that it will of course get done... there's always time... right?

Whatever it is, now that I'm aware that I have been letting my 'inner chimp' (we'll get to know our inner chimp in the next blog post... we ALL have one) trick me into submission it's time to wake up, politely put her back in her box and crack on!

The tool I always remind myself of when I need to get moving, is Mel Robbin's '5 Second Rule'.

It's so simple. When you have a thought, an idea, an urge or an impulse you need to ACT on it within 5 seconds, otherwise the urge is gone and our brain starts to make up excuses.

Well excuses you have outstayed your welcome and I've got stuff to do!

Decisions mean nothing without ACTION. So... Are you ready to get moving?

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